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The software products from CETIM 100% export oriented
Tuesday October 11, 2016

Graine d’export confirms its business model by structuring the product offer from the CETIM and the establishment of a distribution network dedicated to these very t

New success to confirm a long term business expertise
Tuesday June 28, 2016

Graine d’export continues to develop its business model and to make the proof of its efficiency with the increase of the sales of the Intempora

Creating Graine d'export is motivated by simple observations in the field of scientific and technical software. In this area of high added value software developments, the facts are:

- the European (and national) public funding for Innovation and R&D enabled the creation of real innovative and advanced software solutions in SMEs, Research Centers and Major Industrial Groups,

- these innovations have a global market that needs to be quickly address or it will be overtaken by others,

- very often companies are not sized to structure their product offering, position it on the market and sell internationally.


To reply to these facts, Graine d'export offers software business engineering services, which consists in the following two steps.

- Step 1: transformation of innovative IT development projects with high added value into real off the shelf software products ready to be delivered to their international customers. This step generates business "value" on top of the existing technology. For this work, Graine d'export is compensated by a fixed rate amount.
- Step 2: acceleration of the business development strategy and operational marketing for the software product in order to export it to the right customers. This step generates "turnover" from the software sales. For this work, Graine d'export is compensated on the success fees only.


Customers from Graine d'export are SMEs, IT Service Companies, Industrial Groups and Research Centers, which have the desire to find new sources of economic growth through product sales to the great export market.

structuration produit

Structuring the product offer

Graine d'ExportTM provides services dedictated to the structuring of product offer, so that the editor can present this product to its export customers with the maximum chances of success. 
The goal of this key step is to enable the innovative product to be acquired and used outside of its natural ecosystem.
Details about structuring the product offer...
delegation commerciale

Export Sales Delegation

Graine d'exportTM acts as a meta-distributor  in order to "de-risk" and to accelerate your export business which can be a long, risky and costly process.
Graine d'exportTM takes over responsability for all sales activities, with a commitment to results. Geographic areas and duration of the commitment is defined by a contract between the software editor and  Graine d'exportTM.
Details about Export Sales Delegation...